Full-Service IT that fits your needs

We offer a wide range of World-Class IT services backed by expert guidance and support to make sure your technology investment works for your Small Business. MISSION I.T. can help your Business extend it’s computing capabilities with a customized solution comprised of Apple or Dell Servers, as well as network storage, backup solutions and security products specifically designed for your business.

Let us give your Business it’s Market Edge

MISSION I.T. can deploy a network solution quickly and easily, instantly delivering a range of communication and collaboration services throughout your organization securely from anywhere at anytime. Keeping you in touch with the latest information about your Business so you can make the most informed decisions.

  1. Reliable, high-performance, scalable network

  2. High-availability to network applications and services

  3. High-availability for mobile users and devices

  4. Always-on, consistent and secure connectivity

We can be your IT Staff

Our years of experience in IT Management and working with clients as their Outsourced IT Provider or working together with their IT Staff is a very familiar and comfortable place for us. Our knowledge of Mac and Windows networks makes us a great source of technical expertise. We’re nibble enough to extend just the right technical augmentation to Small Business working hand-in-hand with you to plan for the future, advise you on technology trends and industry best practices, develop great solutions and resolve complex problems.

We’re always right there when you need us

MISSION I.T. provides fast, affordable 24/7 mission-critical network support performed by our Certified Network Specialists who’s knowledge and experience can quickly diagnosis problems in the least time-to-resolution with effective results for Windows and Macintosh networks. Our Network Specialists work to ensure that your network is up and stays connected.

Call us for a free consultation and receive a comprehensive network solution that can help your Business keep pace in today’s marketplace.

“Mac’  “Macintosh” and ‘Mac OS X’ and “iCloud” are registered trademarks of Apple Computer.  Windows’ is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation

IT Consulting Services

  1. Network Design & Deployment

  2. Network Support & Management

  3. IT Needs Assessment

  4. Network Monitoring

  5. Local & Cloud Backup Management

  6. Network Security

  7. Network Storage Solutions

  8. VPN Solutions

  9. Web Content Filtering

  10. Cable & Wiring

Supported Systems

  1. Mac OS X Server

  2. Windows© Server

  3. Cisco Systems

  4. Dell Sonicwall

IT Management

  1. IT Staff Augmentation

  2. Onsite Desktop & Help-Desk

  3. Asset Management

Service & Support

  1. Network Monitoring

  2. Network Service & Support

  3. Rapid On-Site Service

  4. Remote Support

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